How to Embed a Vimeo Video – The Easy Way

This page will show you exactly how to embed a Vimeo video to your WordPress site or any other website for free.

In fact, we have made it so easy that anyone can do it, ask all the thousands of websites that have used our free Vimeo embed code service.

The easiest way is to use the form you can find at the top of the page. All you need to do is to follow these five simple steps:

  1. Copy the Vimeo video URL you want to embed
  2. Paste it in our free “Vimeo Video URL” field
  3. Select the width you wish or leave it on auto for a Vimeo responsive embed
  4. Click the “Generate my code” – button to generate the HTML code
  5. Paste the code to your site

That’s it! The process takes a minute literally from start to finish, and this will help most of you out there to embed Vimeo on your site.

But if you ever have been frustrated trying to add or if you want a tutorial on how to embed Vimeo in WordPress specifically, how to hide the controls or if you have any other queries, you will love this page. That goes for all of you, regardless if you are a total beginner or an advanced developer.

Let’s dive in!

Why Have We Created a Free Vimeo Embed Code Website?

At first, our team of developers created because we wanted to be able to embed Vimeo videos to our client’s websites in a fast and reliable way. However, we noticed that there were many other people, both experienced developers and of course total beginners, who also wanted to be able to embed Vimeo videos.

So we decided to share and publish our site and embed Vimeo video HTML generator to the public so that you can take advantage of it as well. All of this is and always will be 100% free thanks to our friends at known for the best sms lån in Sweden that has helped us create this website.

A lot of websites already use our services. From small blogs, local businesses, schools to big firms, governmental sies as well as online businesses like casino sites, shops, and popular newspapers. We hope you will join us and thousands of happy users and embed your Vimeo video using our free service!

Let’s start with the most common question we often get: how to embed a Vimeo video in WordPress?

Embed Vimeo in WordPress

Having problems embedding Vimeo to your WordPress site? Trust us when we say that you are not alone!

The good news is that if you are looking for a simple guide with pictures on embedding Vimeo in WordPress, you are at the right place.


WordPress is amazing! It’s easy to use and to create outstanding websites. No wonder it has become so popular.

Did you know that 41% of the web is built on WordPress? The incredible thing is that you will find every kind of different site using this popular CMS. Everything from personal blogs to small companies and even Fortune 500 companies!

embed vimeo in wordpress

How to Embed a Vimeo Video in WordPress 

The easiest way to embed Vimeo in WordPress is to use our free Generator, which you can find on top of this page. Let us walk you through the whole process, step by step.


  • 1- 3 minutes


  • Vimeo URL
  • A WordPress site

Ready? Let’s get started!

First, you need to grab the Vimeo URL that you want to use. Just go to Vimeo and find your video.

1 get the vimeo url

When you have found the video you want to embed on your WordPress site, copy the URL.

2 copy the url

When you have copied the URL, head over to

3 Go to

Paste the copied URL into the White box underneath the text Vimeo Video URL. If the box already has an URL entered, all you need to do is delete it and paste your URL into it.

4 paste the url

Your video will automatically appear on the right side of the generator. Choose the width you want. If you are not sure, use auto. The Video will be responsive.

5-choose width

When you have chosen, press the Generate my code -button.

6 Generate the code

A small popup with your code will appear. Press the yellow button in the popup window. This will unblock the code to your left and automatically highlight the code.

7 Press the yellow button

All you need to do is press Ctrl + C on PC or Command + C on Mac to copy the code.

You can also use the mouse function to copy the code.

8 copy the embed vimeo video html

When you have copied the code, all that is left to do is embed the Vimeo video in WordPress.

Start by going to your WordPress login and login in.

9 Login to WordPress

You will need to open up the page or post in WordPress that you want to embed your Vimeo video on. When you have opened the WordPress page or post, go to the location on the page where you want to add the video to and press the plus (+) button.

10 Press the +

Type in HTML in the small search box, and the Custom HTML  button will appear. Add it to your page.

11 search for the html code

The HTML-box will appear on your screen.

12 Find the write html box

In the HTML box, paste the code that you have copied from

13 paste the vimeo embed code

Now all that is left for you is to publish the page with the Vimeo player embedded!

14 publish the code

Remember to go to your live page and check so that the Vimeo video embedding works!

15 The video is live

Congratulations! You have now embedded a Vimeo in WordPress!

Can I Embed Vimeo Any Video I Want?

The short answer is no! This because Vimeo offers different types of Privacy settings when it comes to embedding videos. As a creator, you can choose between three options:

  1. The video can be embedded anywhere
  2. The video can’t be embedded anywhere
  3. Custom domains are allowed (You have to be a paying Vimeo customer to use this option).

Vimeo Responsive Embed

If you use our generator, you will get a responsive Vimeo embedded in your site. A responsive Vimeo video means that the video automatically fits the device’s screen that your visitor is using. In other words, when someone is visiting your site on the computer, the video will automatically appear bigger than if someone visits you using their mobile device with a smaller screen.

This is important so that the user experience of your visitor is as good as it can get. Let’s face it no one wants to watch a video that is too small, or that is too big!

One essential thing to remember when it comes to making a Vimeo responsive embed is that the code will adjust to the container you place it in. That means that depending on how you have built your site and where you put it, the video will adapt its size within that container.

When you use our free generator, you don’t have to worry about making your Vimeo embed responsive since this is done automatically. This means that all you need to do is to enter the Vimeo URL in the top box and press the Generate my code button, and you are done!

Embed From Vimeo Directly – The Harder Way

If you, for some reason, don’t want to use our free Vimeo embed code generator, you can go directly to Vimeo and use the Vimeo embed option that they provide. We call it the harder way, but it is not that hard to do. So maybe it is fairer to call it the second way to embed Vimeo. We think that using our free service is much faster and easier for most people.

In two cases, it might be better for you to embed directly from Vimeo. If you want to do any of the following options, you might want to embed Vimeo using the method described below.

  • Vimeo autoplay embed
  • Loop the video

But in contrast to our service, you will embed the Vimeo video using an iframe. So if you want to embed a Vimeo video with HTML, our option is much better.

A quick comment on the autoplay embed. It can be awesome to have a Video play automatically on your site. However, since most of us prefer not to have videos being played left and right, most browsers now either block the autoplay function or only allow it under certain circumstances.

If you are familiar with coding, you can also try adding ?autoplay=1 to your URL in the code generated using our generator for autoplay and loop=1 for a loop.

Vimeo also offers a more sophisticated way to embed videos. This method is more suitable for advanced developers, and you embed the video using their Javascript Player SDK. You can read more about it here: Player SDK.

Vimeo Embed Step-by-step

There are a couple of ways you can embed Vimeo videos directly from Vimeo. Below we will show you the easiest way regardless if you want to add your video or someone else’s video.

Start by opening up the video you want to add to your site.

16 go to vimeo and fetch the URL

On the right side of the video, you will find a share button. It is the one with a paper plane on it. Click on it.

17 Press the share button

A pop-up window appears on the screen. On the right side, you click “+ Show options.”

18 Click on show options

When the popup expands, you can select the embed code.

19 copy the code

You can add the autoplay function and the video loop function by clicking the boxes if you want.

20 change the auto play and loop setting on Vimeo embed20 change the auto play and loop setting on Vimeo embed

There you have it, the second way to add a Vimeo video to your website.

Why you should consider adding Vimeo Videos to your website

There are many reasons why you and your visitor can benefit when you embed a Vimeo video on your website. If you run a company, blog, or online business a Vimeo video can help explain different topics, show how to do things, or explain difficult topics. Besides, it helps you to keep your visitors longer on your site. A professionally made video that you embed can also help you with your selling. If you have a blog you can share cool videos of basically anything you want and if you run an online store it is a great way to showcase your products. Last but not least if you run an online website offering a service, an online store or any other site a video can help with explaining frequently asked questions. As you can see there are many different ways you and your visitors can benefit from a good video that is added to your website. 

Embedding Vimeo Videos, the Right Questions to Ask

When it comes to embedding Vimeo videos, you will need to ask a lot of questions. Among them is how you can embed Vimeo without controls and how you can embed Vimeo without iframe. You are going to want to have as many options as possible so that you can actually make use of Vimeo the way you want when you embed it into your website or wherever else.

Now, on this point, asking the questions really will not be enough to actually get you the results that you might be looking for. You will also need some answers to how you can embed Vimeo without title or how you can embed Vimeo without sound to start with. This is exactly what we will be looking into today.

How to Embed Vimeo Videos Without iFrame

The easiest way to embed a Vimeo video without an iFrame is to use our generator at the top of the page. In that way, you don’t need to worry about any iFrame being added to your site.

The matter of how you can embed Vimeo without iFrame using Vimeos embed is a rather tricky issue since it would mean going against the default option that usually comes with the practice. However, if you really want this done on your own terms, you will have to consider the risks involved. Once you’ve done that, you can proceed to look at the instructions below.

Simply put, if you want to embed Vimeo without iFrame, you will first need to click on the share button of the video. From there, a window will pop up, and you can click on the Show options button to use the old embed code choice to proceed with the project. It’s worth repeating that this route comes with a particular amount of risk, so be sure to go into it with your eyes wide open.

How to Embed Vimeo Videos and Hide the Controls

The question of how to embed Vimeo without controls is an important one, especially for those who simply want to show the contents of the clips without too much fuss. The fact of the matter is that you can’t remove the controls; however, you can practically hide all of the controls that come with the video. The only one that you can’t hide is the play button since users will need that to, well, play the video.

In other words, you don’t remove the controls; you just hide the controls of your Vimeo embed.

As to how you can actually embed Vimeo without controls, you only really need to click on the Settings and Embed, and then when the Player Preferences box comes up, you can just tick on the Always Hide option. This will then ensure that practically all of the controls that viewers would normally have access to are not made available.

How to Embed Vimeo Videos Without Title

On the subject of how you can embed Vimeo without a title, it really is just a question of removing it. The more important question is why you would want to do this, and the answer has to do with subjective headlines. That is to say, if the uploader of the video tagged it with a rather unfortunate title, you might not want to include that when you embed the clip. As to how you can actually embed Vimeo without a title, it’s just a matter of ticking off the boxes for the title in the Intro section. It’s that simple.

How to Embed Vimeo Videos Without Sound

Finally, if you want to embed Vimeo without sound, this can be easily arranged. Quite often, there are videos where the audio really doesn’t lend it much value in the way that you want. So, if you intend to embed Vimeo without sound, you can just add &muted=1 right at the end of the URL code that you get before pasting it. From there, it’s just a matter of simply adding the clip to your site.